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Captive Audio is an exciting new company offering the highest quality Music & Messaging product for today's businesses.

The Captive Audio team brings a fresh, fun perspective on being on Hold. We combine experienced audio engineering, vocals, and scripting along with unique music to truly capture (or help create!) your company's best image.

Our goal is to offer personalized business solutions to your callers while they wait, adding original music and information to bring your callers the most entertaining options on Hold.

Captive Audio keeps the process simple, with no-obligation CD samples, hassle-free order forms, and NEVER A TERM CONTRACT OR ANNUAL FEE. We offer an optional business-grade MP3 player or you may install your own equipment; either way we are always available with technical support to guide you through to completion. Approximately three weeks from start to finish, you'll be unlocking your business potential!

 Presents your customers with enticing promotions and/or audio sensations while on Hold.

  Allows custom Music & Messaging to present your corporate image the way YOU choose.

  Offers a fun and comprehensive way to entertain your customers while they wait for your services.

  Adds variety and affordability to your company's marketing options.

  Retains 40% more callers than silence when you must keep them waiting.

Did you know...

* The average executive spends 17 minutes per day on Hold.

* The average person spends 60 hours per year on Hold.

* Without music or messages, 60% of callers will hang up while on Hold, and 30% of them won't call back.

* 15% to 20% of callers make purchases based on the information they heard on Hold.

* Playing radio or pre-recorded Music on Hold without permission is considered illegal by ASCAP and BMI musician unions.

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